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Crest Dynamics…….inspiring your people

Our Vision

To be the pole star in training and consultancy industry by serving our client conforming to its expectation and to provide value added service focusing on performance improvement.

Our Mission

Offering flexible, customized and effective training, and education solutions with excellent customer service.

Core Values

• Putting customers first

• Taking pride in what we do

• Leading change

• Respecting others

• Striving to be the best

• Share learning

• Acting with integrity


• Meeting customer needs through global expertise delivered


• Encourages integrating training into the workplace.

• Advocates continuous improvement.

• Works with people, not against them.

• Instruction: This refers to providing employees with needed

 competencies to perform their jobs successfully while supporting

 the organization’s goals and strategy.

• Maintenance: This refers to helping employees preserve learned


Application: This refers to helping employees continuously put to use

  learned competencies in the job environment.


Crest Dynamics was established in the year 2000 by Mr. Krishna. Crest Dynamics has achieved high growth in the delivery of Leadership, Kaizen, Lean, Sales, Customer Service and Management training throughout Malaysia.

Crest Dynamics conducts training applying neuro-accelerated learning techniques with real world tools to help deliver quality training with effectiveness.

At Crest Dynamics we are committed to our business partners for a continuous improvement and prosperity by imparting excellent management and continuous improvement practices. We believe in developing the thinking process of our trainees in order to contribute value-added activities which are practical for the benefit of their organizations.

Crest Dynamics, is a Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF Malaysia) registered training provider (LLP0003452LGN) is a sought after consultancy for it’s dynamic and inspiring training approaches enforced by neuro-accelerated learning techniques. All our programs are conducted in English and Bahasa Malaysia.

Quality Policy

We will always be committed to providing excellent training programs, and customer support on continual performance improvement to fulfil our client's requirements as agreed.

Crest Dynamics Management Consultancy PLT will meet its mission, vision and core values by:

• committing to a structured Quality Program that satisfies the

 requirements as outlined in the Crest Dynamics Best Practices;

• develop it's capability through continuous improvement;.

• ensuring that programs and services are designed and

 implemented with a commitment to meeting customer


• developing and delivering training that emphasizes performance

 improvement principles;

• ensuring that standards are maintained and improved by active   monitoring, reviewing and improving all activities.

Crest Dynamics Training Model ™

The Crest Dynamics Learning Cycle will be the basis for developing the participants and the training provider's capability development.









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