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Kaizen Made Ezy

Kaizen Made Ezy takes you through a simple, and an easy to understand approach covering critical steps in conducting very effective kaizen events - one that is well planned, well implemented, and well documented. SBL Claimable

Kaizen Thinking Mechanism

Participants will learn observation, and analytical skills, questioning assumptions, generating ideas and overcoming blind-spot using Scientific Thinking Mechanism. A systematic methodology to identify and eliminate waste. SBL Claimable

Lean Manufacturing: The TPS Way

It entrusts employees with well-defined responsibilities in each production step and encourages every team member to strive for overall improvement. The course guides participants on how to lead, design and deploy lean manufacturing activities. SBL Claimable

Lean Manufacturing Master Practitioner

A series of eight course modules designed to provide participants targeted technical competencies in lean manufacturing. Participants are required to pass a test and completion of a lean manufacturing project – to reinforce learning. SBL Claimable

Lean Kata: The Art of Skill Coaching

This program is for any organization that is searching for a better way to coach the skills of their employees. The program describes two particular behavior routines, habits or patterns of thinking and conducting oneself, where the skills practiced over and over again. A proven coaching method practised Toyota. SBL Claimable

Lean Principle for Service Industry

Office Lean

VSM: Anatomic Pathology

Most mistakes and errors are not the fault of the people who make them, but the system in place. Lean office can help companies prevent mistakes, reduce operation cost, and improve their systems. SBL Claimable

By gaining the skill of Value Stream Mapping: Anatomic Pathology, you will then be able to identify wastes in the system, and create an optimal future Value Stream Map with streamlined changes. Accelerated Learning Techniques used to help participants digest the VSM methodology. SBL Claimable

Work Standardization

Single Minute Exchange Die (SMED)

Also known as Quick Changeover. We'll show the two task types related to making setups as well as introduce the three general ways to reduce setup time. We will then show you many specific techniques you can use to minimize setup time in the general order that setups are made. SBL Claimable

FMEA: Risk Management and Reliability

Poka Yoke: Mistake Proofing Techniques

FMEA is a systematic and analytical quality planning tool for identifying, at the product, service and process design stages, what potentially could go wrong and their associated causes either with a product during its manufacture or end-use by the customer or with the provision of a service. SBL Claimable

How can we make errors, defects and mistakes either so 'visible' that we can detect them at source or even better eliminate them altogether? The answer is by applying Poka Yoke techniques. SBL Claimable

Training Within Industry (TWI)

The TWI program follow the proven four-step methodology of Preparation, Presentation, Application and Testing. It’s a must program for Supervisors and Technicians. TWI covers Job Instruction Training, Job Method Improvement and Job Relations. SBL Claimable

Lean is a philosophy and not a method of production or manufacturing. It is as applicable in the service industry as it is in the auto industry. The process of combining people (knowledge, skill, expertise), infrastructure and processes in an effective manner that produces a value outcome for the customer. SBL Claimable

Standardized Work is the cornerstone in the Toyota Production System (TPS) house. Standard Work is defined as the most effective combination of manpower, material, and machinery and it is built on the three elements of takt time, work sequence and standard work in process. SBL Claimable

Participants will take part in many exercises to improve the way in which they present the knowledge and skills to their team memebrs. They will learn how to use the most versatile and valuable presentation aid themselves to gain and hold their audience’s attention. SBL Claimable

Train The Trainer: OJT

Statistical Process Control (SPC)

This course is an excellent primer. It provides an understanding of the underlying concepts and methods of SPC through practical exercises using both manual and excel computation. The SPC tools are a set of tools to improve the process where ultimately improves the product quality..SBL Claimable

New Seven QC Tools

The New 7 QC Tools (also called 7 Management Planning Tools) introduces the latest advances in tools for quality management – techniques that promote a new, more creative and effective approach to quality planning and project management. SBL Claimable

5S: Step By Step Approach

This program was designed to create a proper understanding of 5S using a practical step by step approach. It’s divided into three sections; Tidy-up, 5S Effectiveness, and Prevention Action (Clean, Implement and Enforce and Preventive Measurement). It can be implemented immediately. SBL Claimable

The auditor’s job is not easy. Some people have said that it is more difficult to be an auditor than it is to undergo auditing. Yet, only when the auditor is strict and fair will the people being graded have a true sense of accomplishment when they do pass. This program provides the mind-set and skills of auditing. SBL Claimable

5S Compliance Audit

Visual Management

Companies that implement visual workplace techniques have higher productivity levels, safer work environments. Visual Workplace serves as the key sustaining force for Lean, because it ensures that improvements remain clearly visible, readily understood, and consistently adhered to. SBL Claimable

As a Lean tool, A3 reporting addresses the root causes of problems that arise every day at work. When used properly, the PDCA-A3 process dramatically increases the probability of success. Leading companies, such as Toyota, use the PDCA-A3 report to train their employees in a proven and structured problem-solving approach. SBL Claimable

P D C A: Eight Steps to Problem Solving

Wastology: Eliminating Waste @ Workplace

A unique program covering the attitude, observing skills, scientific thinking pattern, creativity ad continuous improvement approach to identify, eliminate and prevent wastages.

A practical cost reduction program. SBL Claimable

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