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Servant of the Servant Leadership

The days when the leader is someone who stood above the workforce and worked in a separate part of the business have long gone. For the 21st century leadership you need to embrace the eight archetypal role of the new-age-leader. SBL Claimable

Psycho-Cybernetics Leadership

Think Like a Leader, Lead Like a Thinker

It helps participants understand the thinking side of leadership. They will learn on how to clearly define the problems based on facts, questioning assumptions, engaging the power of deep observation, generating ideas, and developing subordinates to perform.                       SBL Khas

Proactive Supervisory Skills

Supervisors who are not trained don’t go far. This hands-on program is not taught in business schools therefore it is highly recommended for new and prospect supervisors.  In this highly inspiring program participants will be groomed to face challenges of the current competitive culture. SBL Claimable

The Highly Effective Supervisory Skills

We can hire people to turn up to work and go through the basic motions for a certain number of hours. But we can’t buy their enthusiasm, co-operation or commitment. This advance program would help those experienced supervisors to enhance themselves by creating an enthusiastic and inspiring workplace. SBL Claimable

Peak Performance Supervisor

The Coaching Manager

Coaching requires that two people remain on a continual dance of communication and partnership with a right chemistry. This two days program addresses the range of competencies required by a coach and the practical application of coaching. SBL Claimable

It is designed to give the participants a winning edge by guiding them on how to manage and master their most valuable assets: their attitude, emotions, and social skill to lead and supervise their team members to perform. SBL Claimable

The New Psychology of Leadership

Passion, Identity and Connectivity

We'll look at this fresh new approach, one that better accounts for the performance of the leader. We will take you through four rules for effective leadership, four practical rules, that we can all become very efficient and very effective at. SBL Claimable

Crest Dynamics Management Consultancy

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Fifth Discipline Lean Leadership

Lean leadership is all about commitment to your employees, commitment to the system and commitment to making changes towards improvement. Employees problems eventually become the leader’s and it gives you an opportunity to make the necessary changes. Lean leadership is geared more towards working with your people rather than your people working for you. SBL Claimable

Eight Dimension Supervisory Skills

Change is inevitable. What works for you as a supervisor today may not work next year. The 8 Dimensions of Supervisory Skills will give you a flexible framework that you can take with you through these changes. By understanding your natural home on the model and building your own repertoire of supervisory behavior based on what the other seven dimensions offer, you can learn to shift your style to meet the needs of your organization and the people you work with. SBL Claimable

It’s all about how a leader steers his people by using his leadership mental model. It is not a management technique but a mental attitude based on anticipation, a holistic approach and faster learning, innovation and self-realization on leadership. SBL Claimable






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Leadership & Supervisory

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