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Developing Thinkers
We try our best to help participants to make learning an adventurous by improving their thinking mechanism, and attitude. By being exposed as technologist, they will be able to discover where they standard individually and as a team by developing their new capabilities, talents, skills, pride and satisfaction.

To ensure the effectiveness of our training, participants will be exposed to real problems and situations from their own workplace. We also provide follow-up session to ensure the skills are put in practice.

Simple to Understand – Practical Approach – Easy to Implement
We provide your people the attitude, skills, and the approach to solve their own problems. Our training addresses the specific situations they face every day. We support them with various practical case studies to help stimulate their capabilities.

Crest Dynamics programs employs proven accelerated learning techniques and Neuro-linguistic programming to help boost learning.  
We also use various videos, dialogue, exercises and experiential learning exercises.

Instructional methods alternate frequently to maintain interest and addresses the learning modes of individual participants.

Upon request and agreed upon by both parties, Crest Dynamics would conduct a follow-up session. The Follow-up visits, is intended to        
reinforce the new skills and solve problems in the implementation of improvement. The pre-assessment, follow-up session and report is restricted to in-house programs only.

The purpose of follow-up session is to help participants to sustain and improve their skills. The objectives of the follow-up are:

assist participants in the transition to integrated learning.

provide support and to reinforce the knowledge and skills obtained during training.

identify and solve problems that may prevent implementation of learning.

keep management informed on support needed by participants for an effective implementation of learning.

All four levels of Kirkpatrick Model will be used as the basis for evaluating the effectiveness of the training.

At Crest Dynamics we believe in inspiring your people.
Training Plan
Step 1 – Pre Training Assessment
Step 2 – Training and Observation
Step 3 – Assignment
Step 4 - Post Training Assessment
Step 5 – Follow-up

Omotenashi is a Japanese word for hospitality. It implies a deep understanding of customer wants and needs. It further focuses on thoughtfulness to care for the well-being and treating each and every one as an unique and individual Person.

At Crest Dynamics, we believe in the application of omotenashi. We tailor-make each and every training program, serving our customer with solutions. We commit ourselves with drive and dedication from deep of our hearts to conduct effective training programmes serving our partners with care and support.

With the spirit of omotenashi, we serve our clients as partners to improve their productivity and inspire their people to succeed. We recognize our client’s vision, mission, goals and needs, by striving to exceed their expectation through our training programmes. Contact us for details.

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Inspiring your people