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Sales Master Practitioner

It guides participants to master their most valuable assets: their attitude, emotions, and social skills. It contains a proven step-by-step program of mental skills and techniques that can put them in-charge of themselves at every stage of a sale process.

Selling Through NLP

Neuro-Linguistic Programming identifies and defines how our minds work and reveals how to use language to affect the mind and behavior of our customer and ourselves. Participants will develop the ability to close deals by applying the tried and tested NLP approach.

Selling Psychology                               

Nobody liked to be sold. This program demonstrates how to get our message across through psychological approach. Participants will be trained to identify and understand prospects / customer’s needs, and to create an atmosphere for closing the sales effectively.


Sales Warrior

This program focuses on competition model and would guide participants to develop a sales and marketing strategy to compete in the market through self leadership, marketing tools, analyzing competitors, attacking competitors, etc. It’s a strategy and an action based program.

Sales Coaching Skills

Learn how to coach your clients as team players of your sales. Discover their issues, discuss solutions and decide the outcome. A disciplined and structured consultative selling through coaching methodology.

Customer Service Excellence

Customer service affects people, both internal and external, that you deal with every day. Those interactions will determine the success of your organization. It is important to know the latest techniques for improving the relationships, especially in this ever changing customer needs.

The Art and Practice of Negotiation

This program is packed with interactive exercises, role-play, case studies, and questions to make the learning experience enjoyable and to ensure that all the key messages are understood and remembered.

As an ambassador of your organization every employee presents an image a powerful image the moment they pick up the phone. This dynamic program will educate the participants on how to enable themselves to use this powerful technology to its fullest potential.

Service Oriented Telephone Skills

Smart Dialogue Call Center

We can manage processes and technology, but we need to lead the industry by inspiring our people to be different, providing serving value added service. It can be a great challenge to rise the performance of our people, especially when they are engaged in carrying out repetitive tasks, while managing the pressure from all corners.This program can help your people connect with your clients with value added customer care resolving their issues through smart dialogues. SBL Claimable


Inbound Sales Professional

Inbound sales transforms selling to match the way modern buyer’s purchase. It is a sales process that supports the Buyer’s Journey

It's all about providing value and helpful resources to capture the emotions of your prospect and customers.

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